Table #2


The architecture of this table explores a new way to achieve stability from the racking forces which confront all large four leg dining tables. Typically, sturdy aprons connect the leg tops and do the job.
Here, a triangulated form secures the corners, and the traditional apron is now placed on the floor, stiffening the legs from below. This allows a remarkable lightness of structure at the corners where a conventional table must be particularly beefy.
The hand carved elements evoke organic forms, possibly plants, or even animal bones. The top is shaped at the corners to accommodate and enhance the structure of the base.
Shown here in a broad curl tiger maple with “snow leopard” coloration using custom sawn veneers (1/16" thick), it appears as an undulating fabric, and with proper lighting, has the hologram effect of the tiger wood.
*Custom sizes available. Custom sawn veneers available in various woods. Custom finishes including "Snow Leopard" (shown). Wood Sapele base is hand carved and available in both cerused & ebonized finishes.



Height: 29 in. (73.66 cm)
Width: 39 in. (99.06 cm)
Length: 74 in. (187.96 cm)
Extends to 110 in. (279.4 cm) length with two 18 in. (45.72 cm) leaves which self-store.


Bases are available in 4 finishes: cerused, ebonized, amber, and wood tone.

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321 Newark St. Hoboken, NJ 07030
321 Newark St. Hoboken, NJ 07030
© 2023 Thomas W. Newman