Mosaic Table

Price upon request

The Mosaic Table features a pattern of "tiles" of varying shape, each a small "slab" in the spirit of George Nakashima. Like Nakashima, the focus is on the wood with all its wonderous beauty. Figured grain, knots, crotches, flame patterns, etc. are selected and displayed in contrast to most production furniture where these "defects" are avoided as disruptive and unsightly. The hand carved edge recalls the "live" edge of a slab table.

The artisan's task here is to assemble these features into a harmonious mosaic pattern where Nakashima's reverence for the natural beauty of wood is celebrated, but with a more elaborated element of design.

Shown here are tables built with figured cherry wood harvested in the Catskill mountains of upstate New York. A proprietary coloration technique is used to shift the dominant color tones toward the brown range, away from the tradition reddish color associated with cherry. No heavy-handed dies or pigments are used, making possible the retention of a rich variation of hues (a signature virtue of this wood) but with a shift toward the browns.

The bases are a minimalist column design using a reeded pattern of natural colored white oak.

Prices vary depending on size, shape, and choice of wood. The samples shown range from $9,500 to $27,500.



Custom sizes and shapes are available. Shown are three sample options: square breakfast table (48" x 48" x 30" high); small dining table (75" x 36" x 29" high); large dining table (132" x 48" x 29" high). There is a highly figured maple coffee table (39" x 26" x 16.5" high). Also shown is a bog oak coffee table (48" x 34" x 16.5" high), we have a large inventory of this material and are able to accommodate a wide range of custom options.


Shown are three sample options using our proprietary cherry traite brun coloration, as well as a maple and bog oak coffee table. Bases are made of natural colored white oak. Other wood species are possible upon request.

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321 Newark St. Hoboken, NJ 07030
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